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Step out of the hectic daily demands and experience true tranquillity and restfulness or

experience upliftment and invigoration!


Aromatherapy has many benefits to the person being treated and can:
Enhance mood and general feeling of well-being.
Essential oils have positive effects on every level of being. Their unique properties enhance the mind, body and spirit. Aromatherapy is the creative and scientific application of essential oils to create beneficial changes in our lives on aesthetic, therapeutic and mystical levels.
Aromatherapy - essential oils - are a beautiful way to support relaxation, balance and clear your subtle energies, manage stress, and contribute to overall wellness.

Get comfortable and experience the aroma and benefits of carefully selected essential oils, music and massage!


Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage
While we may pick up specific problems, we are not qualified to diagnose or treat medical problems.

All our therapists have a folder with comprehensive documentation regarding the carrier and essential oils we use as well as the areas we massage.

The first massage is purely relaxing.

Essential oils are pure, natural treatment aids that can be used to alleviate a variety of health conditions.

Discuss a specific problem you would like to address, to enable our therapist to recommend an appropriate oil we can include into a personalized oil blend.

Essential oils work to support the body’s own healing system, and when used correctly, may be able to take the place of conventional over-the-counter remedies.

Aromatherapy is used by people for a variety of reasons. Some use it to help them manage or cope with specific physical, mental or emotional problems, while others use it as means of relaxation, or to help maintain good health and a sense of general well-being.


Aromatherapy should not be used in place of conventional medical care.

Always consult a GP or other health professional for medical attention and advice.


Uplifting - Invigorating & Revitalising

-Aromatherapy Massage

The essential oil blend determines whether a massage is purely relaxing-healing-uplifting-or invigorating and revitalising!

During a massage treatment essential oils are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream and are also inhaled in through the nose where they cross over into the bloodstream via the lungs.  When we breathe in, the tiny essential oil molecules stimulate odour receptors at the top of the nose, which are directly connected to a part of the brain called the Limbic System.  This area of the brain is responsible for memory and emotions so the essential oils can affect our moods and behaviour by causing our bodies to relax, re-energize and rebalance as well as having an effect on our nervous system and physical body via the bloodstream.


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