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Choose our House blended Sugar or Coffee Scrub we use to prepare your hands for the massage!

We use a carefully selected essential oil blend to optimize your experience.  
We have blended oils for HER and HIM !    
The massage oil mixes are sensually decadent, have a calming scent and offer profound health benefits.

Everyone can benefit from a good massage, but hand massage is especially beneficial for office workers and manual laborers.

With as much time as we spend clacking away on our computers or tapping away on our smartphones, it’s no wonder if you feel like you have stiff little hooks for hands. Repetitive motion causes damage to your hands over time. Hand massage can help loosen up the muscles in your hands and keep them healthy (so that you can keep texting, typing and tweeting away). Massage, in general, has a whole host of health benefits and many of these apply to massaging such a focused area of the body, like your hands. Everyone can benefit from a good massage, but hand massage is especially beneficial for office workers, who are most likely to spend many hours a day typing or doing other repetitive tasks. Manual laborers can also benefit, as they work with their hands on a daily basis and may have muscle stiffness, soreness or injuries. Hand massage can help with:

Stiff joints and poor circulation

Massage helps new, oxygen-rich blood flowing to your muscles, which can help with stiff and sore joints, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues. As you age, your hands may become arthritic, and massage can help ease some of the pain and stiffness associated with that. If you suffer from the circulatory condition called Raynaud’s phenomenon, a condition caused by a contracting blood vessel which results in decreased blood flow to the fingers and toes, massage has been shown to stop an attack once it starts. Blood flow is also critical for healing the body after an injury, so if you’ve previously sprained, broken or had surgery on your hand, massage can help you heal.


If you have a previous injury like a sprain or a break, or if you suffer from carpal tunnel, massage can help alleviate the pain of your injury. Because massage can reduce scar tissue and adhesions and loosens tight muscles, massage may also help improve your range of motion in your fingers after an injury or surgery.


Massage aids in relaxation and helps you achieve a deeper sleep. Even a short, focused massage like a hand massage can give you these relaxation benefits and help you catch a few extra zzzzzzzzzzzzz.



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